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kitchens fp modThe kitchen is the focal point and gathering place of most homes.

When you are considering a kitchen remodel, there are so many factors and decisions to be made it can be overwhelming. That’s where the experience and service of Total Home Improvements comes in. We’re there every step of the way, from providing free estimates to free 3D design; we’ll guide you through design decisions, material selections and more to bring your vision into reality.

That being said, none of us want to make the investment in our kitchen and then say "well it's better than it was" or, "it's not really what I wanted but it was cheap." No, what most of us want is value. Value doesn't mean that it was cheap, it means that even though you may have made a substantial investment, you received a great product, a lot for your money. That value may be different for each person.

Your kitchen may include custom cabinets made of any type of wood, even exotics. It may have rare types of granite that may even have natural fossils in the stone, or it may have prefabricated cabinets built so nice that you would swear they were custom made, or the newer laminate tops that look great but costs much less.

Total Home Improvements can help you with these decisions as well as lighting, backsplash and appliances. Call or email us today to meet with one of our designers for a no obligation, no pressure appointment. Your dream kitchen may be one step closer to reality.

bathsWhether you’re ready for the bathroom of your dreams or just a makeover, Total Home Improvements can help.

Most everyone can imagine that gorgeous bathroom usually found in the worlds' best hotels and resort. Why not make that dream a reality? We can work with you to create a bathroom fit for the most famous places on earth! Not only can you have a bathroom that you can enjoy for years, but bathrooms are one of the greatest investments that you can make in your home. Just think, enjoy a bathroom fit for royalty, all the while increasing your home’s value and marketability. Some things just make sense.